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Practical Travel Matters: Rome +Florence Auto Rentals; Siena Bus


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Rome, Siena and FlorenceAuto Rental: I usually find best prices at Europcar in Rome, Siena, and Florence via their U.S. website although Hertz and Avis are much closer to the Siena train station if you are using the rails or swapping a car in Siena from/to Rome or Florence.


Auto-rental search sites do a good job of narrowing the options for you in each city but often Europcar (USA) will offer better rates on their own website.


Book the smallest car you think you can use, as the roads are narrow and parking is easier in the ancient hill towns of Tuscany. Don’t let the rental agencies talk you into a large van (a small bus, really) if you don’t need it.


In Rome, airport pickup and drop-off of your rental car is easier than trying to navigate the Rome train-station auto rental locations.  Driving in central Rome is not recommended, and all historic sites are car-restricted anyway. 


Taxis to/from central Rome to FCO cost around €60, although taking only about 30 minutes.


There is an airport shuttle to/from the main train station of Roma Centrale every 1/2 hour which takes twenty minutes, so return your car at the airport and then spend your time in Rome car-free.


In Florence, taxi from airport to your city hotel is very short, 10 minutes, costing about €30 (but they will charge €2 for each suitcase). It’s possible to rent autos from airport locations in Florence and return at city location for no additional charges - and vice-versa, but be sure to request this option.


Siena Bus: Local bus will take you directly to Siena for day-touring, conveniently departing from the front parking lot of Villa-a-Sesta at 7:10AM daily except Sunday, arriving at 8AM, Piazza Gramsci, in Siena's centre.  Confirm the return timetable directly with driver or posted schedule in Siena. 


We can also arrange private transportation from the house to Siena or anywhere local, according to your schedule.

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